The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

Now, there is a sweet spot of over-engagement where the Neo Cortex “shuts down” but you aren’t in fight or flight mode aka your basic mammal emotions are very much prioritized. Think of it as binge-watching a TV show or riding on a rollercoaster, you are living in the moment and a common symptom is losing track of time. Time flies when you are having fun… Well, your perception of it.

Inducing the sweet spot mind state is necessary for the attacker to exploit said sweet spot mind state. This is why there is so much intensity or things that seem to be moving too fast, it gets the results the attacker is after which is reaching stage 2.


Stage 2

Goal: Change

Attack Class: Destructive Conditioning

This stage is where the manipulator starts destroying you on a personal level. Say goodbye to your hopes, dreams, and your very personality. This is as personal as it gets.

Usually, during Stage 1 you’ve been isolated from other influences. This may also include having your reputation slandered by the very person you still believe cares most about you. That is done to maximize the speed and success of Stage 2. The sooner you are destroyed the sooner Stage 3 can begin. Opposing influences must be eliminated to make progress.

The parts of your personality that NEED to be destroyed is your own willpower and self-respect/self-love. Forget about making your own choices, about being in control or having an opinion, all you need to do is be able to take orders and believe whatever the manipulator says is the gospel truth.

In order to eliminate these things, the Manipulator will devalue every little thing that seems to have those qualities. The manipulator will never tire of doing this as they experience a predatory euphoria of killing.

They are killing the parts of you they don’t want around. They don’t want it to be merely disabled, they want it permanently destroyed. The manipulator’s pupils will become noticeably dilated during intense devaluation, betraying their innermost desire they fully enjoy killing you. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

So they won’t stop and you won’t leave them because you are their psychological prisoner, they have you believing you need them no matter how much doubt they give you. It’s much harder to escape prison when you don’t realize it’s a prison… no awareness means there are no attempts being made to escape.

If you no longer benefit the manipulator, you will be discarded as a failure to the manipulator. In cults, those that become psychotic from psychological abuse are discarded, they were broken but not in an expected way. If you won’t obey you are no longer useful.

The devastating result of a successful attack means your willpower and self-respect are replaced with fear and doubt while thinking the manipulator will help you.

All that remains is Stage 3.

Stage 3

Goal: Refreeze

Attack Class: Fraud

It’s important to realize mind control attacks can alternate between stages, if the target no longer trusts, back to stage 1, if the target is too distracted, back to stage 2 to ruin and eliminate the targets reasons for doing something of their own volition.

Stage 3 is all about selling the final fantasy that isn’t real. It’s about keeping you in a never-ending fantasy that is really a prison for your mind. Once inside the mental model, you are a prisoner of your own mind.

The target is desperate at this point, and low and behold, the manipulator offers “The Solution” when it’s needed most. How convenient.

The target is all too ready to live the lie. To subscribe to the False Narrative the manipulator presents. Anything to feel good again. To not be who they are anymore, this destroyed shadow of a person they once were that they no longer love.

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