The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves
The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

There were two reasons I chose the role to be named The Belonger.

  1. The role players desire or needs are exploited in a way where their NEED TO BELONG becomes their only priority. This leads to them ending up in a fantasy prison for their mind.
  2. And this is the real secret reason. Because you end up belonging to the Egopath. They own you after they destroy your original personality and shape your new one. A Belonger belongs to someone else. The very definition of a slave.

The Belonger role is meant to mind wipe the role player’s personality and to replace it with a more “compatible” personality. One that doesn’t questionOne that worships, lives for, and lives vicariously through Master Egopath.  Anytime someone ends up in a Belonger role, the Egopath is guilty of attempting Destructive Mind Control. The Belonger role is specifically made to maximize the attacker’s chances of success. Consequently, this also means maximizing the defender’s chances for FAILURE.

Brainwashing is a far less powerful form of mind control. Brainwashing is about instilling an “Attitude” in you that is to be the only attitude you have when needed. Usually brainwashing involves a trigger word or phrase like “Think Positive” or “You have a Negative Attitude”. Brainwashing is about forcing an attitude adjustment at will, to force your attitude into what the manipulator desires.

Usually, this means invoking an obedient and submissive attitude which will HUA (Hear, Understand, Acknowledge) and then execute any orders unquestioningly. But an attitude can be modified in every way: the behavior, who it is intended for, and even disable it entirely given time and effort. The personality of the brainwashed remains intact, as it was an attitude problem, not a personality problem.

Whereas Destructive Mind Control is WAY MORE than forcing an attitude. Destructive Mind Control is all-encompassing. Attitudes, Beliefs, Mentality, Mental States, Identity, Thoughts, Emotions, and overall Personality is targeted. The entire psyche is under attack. No stone left unturned. If it succeeds it will wipe out the existing personality and shape a new personality that is completely obedient without question.

Destructive Mind Control causes irreversible damage meaning it is impossible to go back to the original personality because it is destroyed. That’s the problem and it is far more severe than deprogramming an attitude and any trigger words to activate said attitude.

The end goal of Destructive Mind Control is they not only control your mind but own your mind too. They own you. For the rest of your life.  Owning you is about them being the ONLY ONE who controls you. No one else, just the Egopath to really stroke their ego.

Regardless of the range of variations, the complex attack follows the same three stages defined by Kurt Lewin who earned his status as the founder of social psychology. The Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze model. It provides the bare bones that so many other change methodologies utilize, like ADKAR by Jeffery Hiatt, a personal favorite of mine.

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Here Are The 3 Attack Stages of Destructive Mind Control

Stage 1

Goal: Unfreeze

Attack Class: Over-Engagement

This stage is all about finding, creating, and maximizing vulnerabilities. This includes putting you in a mindset that is more agreeable, more open to their influence.

This is achieved by overwhelming/over-engaging the brain.

Our brains have a vertical hierarchy. And the r-complex is King. When our brain is overwhelmed/over-engaged, our brain starts eliminating wants and desires and focuses on needs such as survival. It’s an evolutionary trait we have that acts as a failsafe.

Ex. When the bushes made noise in the dark, those without a fear response would be curious and head on over to possibly be eaten. Whereas those that got spooked and hid got to live another day, even if it was just some harmless birds. Natural selection does not favor the fearless in this case.

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