Reasons Why A Narcissist Cannot Have A Deep Connection with anyone

 August 27, 2017

Reasons Why A Narcissist Cannot Have A Deep Connection with anyone

Both these qualities make narcissists extremely difficult emotional and romantic partners.

A simplistic explanation for this would be the innate lack of trust in a narcissist. He/she cannot trust someone in a close relationship and as a result, he/she makes it difficult for the other to survive in it.

No individual can feel good about themselves all the time and despite their desperate efforts, neither can narcissists. However, they try their best to hide their vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

So in a way, it is not the superiority complex that defines the narcissist; it is the intensity with which he/she hides their weaknesses.

It is also the reason behind narcissists rarely seeking help or therapy: Exposing their flaws can be quite the challenge for them.
Moreover extending from the NARC model and the rivalry aspect, the sense of intense competition and the need to be on top cuts any possibility of trusting in a relationship short making it problematic and difficult.

And extrapolating this same thread, it is difficult for narcissists to make commitments in relationships that call for it.
So if you are in love with such an individual, keep the bar low and think about the red flags as objectively as possible, before advancing.



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