Effect some frequencies of sound waves have on our total fitness

 July 07, 2018

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Effect some frequencies of sound waves have on our total fitness

It is believed that 528 Hz frequencies can be used to even repair the damaged DNA.

Effect of chanting Sanskrit-Mantras to reduce mental tension

While we know how relaxed we feel when we listen to some soothing musical notes, “mantras” are single words such as “Om” or a sequence of words arranged in a manner that create resonance of such frequencies that can phenomenally let us be in control over our mental tension, as had been demonstrated by Swami Gopal Das Gaur by picking up about twenty patients who appeared to be obsessed by the fear of the surgical procedure they had to undergo, when he was asked by the doctors of a hospital – whether there was some way to ensure that they did not have so much of fear in their mind as most of them used to have, during his visit to Barcelona.

He simply asked them to keep on sitting where they were sitting, take a deep breath inside and to chant the mantra “Om” for five minutes and it was found to have given them a lot of relief.

When the doctors got satisfied by studying the ECGs, EEGs, EKGs and BPs of the patients they not only introduced the routine of chanting “Om” in their hospital after watching the success of chanting this mantra, you would be amazed that they did not discontinue this routine ever after. They had to give anaesthesia for much shorter durations and the patients even recorded much faster postsurgical recovery.

The things that have only an extraneous effect on us may be treated as something belonging to the macro level, the things that have an effect on our conscious mind may be treated as something belonging to the micro level and the things that have an effect on our subconscious mind may be treated by us as something that belongs to the nano level.

Just imagine – you are sitting by the side of a brook and you can listen to the sounds created by the water flowing over rocks of different sizes at different speeds that are giving you mental relief by relaxing you. The relief you get, is something of a micro level. The movement of water and the ripples rising and subsiding before your eyes, the pleasant feeling you get by breathing in the fragrant air and the gentle touch of the cool breeze are the things of a macro nature and the effect such sensations have on your “inner consciousness” is something of the nano nature.

The fact is – while chanting the word “Om”, when we chant “O” we inhale air. When we chant “m” we withhold our breath within our lungs for a while and, by the time, we have finished chanting “m” –we breathe out the air we had inhaled.

So by chanting “Om” we perform a sort of Pranayam (a type of yogic breathing exercise) also, all along.

Don’t you think – India may be the only country where people worked hard to find the words which could have more or less same impact on our neurons through the mind-waves created by them even when we spell them just in our mind instead of vocalising them?

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