An Educated Empath Is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare

Educated Empath Sociopath Worst Nightmare

It’s a very common and inaccurate misconception that narcissists and sociopaths are smarter and way more intelligent than empaths. On the contrary, it’s the empaths who are intellectually way superior to them. And this is exactly what makes them a sociopath’s worst nightmare.

It is simply because empaths are innovative, creative, have an abstract way of thinking, and most importantly are always grounded in reality. Unsurprisingly, sociopaths and narcissists lack all these qualities and little do they know that empaths have the smarts and intellect to manipulate them more than they could ever fathom.

It’s just that empaths would never do that, because they are not built that way, and they know that just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.

Empaths never try to exploit or control sociopaths, because they have strong values, morals, and ethics. Most importantly, they don’t believe in hurting other people for fun, or because they don’t feel good about themselves on the inside.

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Expecting an empath to behave like their abuser is not the right approach, but it is important for them to protect themselves by using their creativity and thinking of non-toxic and non-violent tricks to counter a sociopath. Empaths should come up with plans that will force a sociopath to stay miles away from them.

Trying to stay away from toxic and manipulative people shouldn’t cause any kind of guilt, rather it’s a form of healthy behavior, also known as self-care.

If you have ever been a target, or if you still are, then always remember that you are way more intelligent than the sociopath, because you know what the reality is. And that is a BIG advantage for you, so use it wisely. Honestly, anyone who tries to play smart with an enlightened empath is an absolute fool!

Want to know more about why an educated empath is a sociopath’s worst nightmare? Check this video out below!

An Educated Empath Is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare
Educated Empath Sociopath Worst Nightmare pin

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85 thoughts on “An Educated Empath Is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as an “empath” in the way it is frequently marketed (yes, marketed). I think some of us came out of a bad childhood with skills that most of humanity doesn’t possess, but could learn under the right circumstances and conditions. This means our strategy for surviving in a chaotic home was to tune into other people’s needs and be able to read them in order to predict their reactions and protect ourselves.

    That being said, I DO have an uncanny ability to see right through a person’s bullshit and “read their energy” so to speak, which is just another way of saying that I’m good with nuance and reading the “emotional content” of someone’s words and behavior. It’s not magic or supernatural by any means.

    So this skill enables us “empaths” to destroy anyone we want to. And used against the right people like narcissistic selfish jerks, this works heavily in our favor. There’s a caveat to this though: you must have boundaries and retain your ability to “read” another person without actually entering their “energetic bubble”. It’s possible, I’ve done it: I no longer absorb their emotions, I just observe and acknowledge without reacting. And I no longer invade another’s privacy by taking a stroll down their internal landscape, looking for information that might help me survive against their attacks. Because I’m no longer scared and no longer trying to survive.

    1. Hi, I have no idea how old this is it if you’ll see this even if it’s current.. I am so glad to hear you say “marketed” It’s totally is, and it’s total crap. If someone identifies as a “good person” chances are they’re a pretty crappy human. Good people don’t have to talk about or process or endure their goodness. Being labeled an empath is just as shallow and silly as being labeled a socio path. I ask, so what, what now?
      I am in total agreement with this comment, I believe there is such a thing as an empath, when I was a kid it was called “indigo child” I totally fit the mold., but who cares, what will you do with it?
      Play victim, yuck, no thanks. It is tiring to feel so much all the time, but the alternative sounds way worse. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit:-) I do love checking in on psychopath blogs to be reminded of how empty yet important they are to each other.

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