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Eat and Live

My uncle says:
“First eat what you don’t like
Then leave the best for last.”

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I was a Lil girl.
As I thought he was only referring to the food,
I did as he told me.
I ate the vegetables first,
Then I ate the meat.
And I continue to do that as long as I can remember.

I realized.
It was not just the food, he was referring to but life itself.

First, we have to deal with the part that.
We don’t like.
So the best can come,

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It’s true.
Sometimes it ain’t easy.
I know.

Sometimes it seems that,
The dish only has food,
That we don’t like.
And it hurts to have to eat it.

But, maybe,
There’s a dessert coming next.
Oftentimes, we’re still unable to see it.
But, she’s there.
We just haven’t finished eating what’s on the plate too,
Get to see it.

So, whatever,
You are going through,
It will pass.
Because everything passes.
The crappy food,
The storm,
Will pass.
And, then,
The dessert,
The sun, the flowers,
Will appear,
And you will feel more stronger.

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Take a deep breath.
Everything will pass.
And, everything will be okay,
You’ll see, darling.

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    Rita Costa
    Portuguese woman; in early twenties; writing poetry and the struggles of life, also other subjects too, and sometimes all together Enjoy!
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