Easier to Forgive an enemy


Easier to Forgive an enemy

It’s easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.

16 responses to “Easier to Forgive an enemy”

  1.  Avatar

    One day you will realize a friend is always worth having.. who cares more than everything.. you have not seen it coz of time constraints.. and I'm sad with that I don't mean it.

  2.  Avatar

    A friend is always a friend, you may not see or talk with each other eveyday, or a week, or a months the friendship still remains.. no matter what you hear or see.

  3. Mando Krondo Avatar

    I agree completely. Lotta people these days misinterpret the true meaning of friendship. They are walking around calling mofo's friends when all they are is associates. True friends make mistakes, yes. But atleast an enemies intentions are always known. If you have a friend who is pulling enemy type mistakes on ya you truly need to evaluate your friend assessment tactics 😉 your posts are always on point!

  4. Siddharth Khetan Avatar

    Don't you think its easier to forget an enemy and forgive a friend. Irony though, we do the opposite thing in real life.

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      It is this way actually.. Trust is everything

  5. If Walls Had Ears an Avatar

    Because you expect an enemy to attack, but you trust a friend not to betray you

    1. Xettri Aaditya Avatar

      an enemy is alwas who we hate most,to forgive to whom we hate is harder…but a friend knows our feeling and we love them,one mistake cant break a frnship….it can be forgived

    2. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Can trust once broken be gained that easy?

    3. Xettri Aaditya Avatar

      its not easy but if you once loved that friend and had full trust over him ,forgiving is easy.

  6. Jhay Dee Avatar

    i always forgive be it a friend or enemy…
    God always forgives, who am i not to forgive.. no human being is perfect.

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Exactly! The way it should be

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