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Each Zodiac Sign Is Ashamed Of What?

Each Zodiac Sign Is Ashamed Of What

Each Zodiac Sign Is Ashamed Of What?

Ashamed of

Aries: the tattered stuffed animal they slept with as a child

Taurus: how much they really just want a house in the suburbs with a lawn and a white picket fence

Gemini: their Spotify recent history full of show tunes

Cancer: how long it took them to workshop that nonchalant text

Leo: how elaborate and unrealistic their daydreams about their crush have gotten

Virgo: how many tries it took them to pass their driver’s test

Libra: the critical thoughts they’ve had about their best friend

Scorpio: how fast they fall in love

Sagittarius: that one time they let themselves get attached

Capricorn: the white lie they told their teacher in fourth grade

Aquarius: their human needs and desires

Pisces: the state of their bedroom

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