Drop below your writeup/poem

Drop below your writeup/poem

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86 thoughts on “Drop below your writeup/poem”

  1. Innocent soul
    Her mind was like a puzzle
    Every time which shuffle
    No one understood her
    Even she herself
    Her mind was full of fear
    Sounds of horror she hear
    In dreams, she wonders in dark forest
    And walks like a black maiden
    Just for one spark that of love
    Because the curse upon her
    She was mourning for her life
    That is surrounded by dark magic
    Only one hope that of little love
    Is keeping her alive
    Chained over she is waiting
    For the one to rescue her
    Because this world is full of darkness
    And nobody she could trust
    She suffered all her life
    Surrounded by people of dirty hands
    Who used her and pushed into the dark world
    she was a child aware of nothing
    not aware of what had happened to her
    that made her silent forever

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