A Drink Of Lie

A Drink Of Lie

Those thoughts brewed in your mind

When I am barely someone of your kind

I am not one who’s rich or a star

Neither I do own a Mercedes car

I am not good looking or extrovert

Yet too little all of it to give me a discomfort

You know I have told you many times again

Yet I know my words will never heal your pain

My life has come a long way

And there is not much I can say

I was born in a middle-class family

That comes with an untold responsibility

This never struck me before only when you let out your feelings.

But, I am glad enough to put out my words and their meanings

Something which was kind of non-existence forever

Hope you don’t mind when I said you were never my lover

But, if you wish you can get a warm embrace from a friend

Through life’s each and every bumps and bend

Hope you ever understand why can’t I

Offer you a drink of lie

And hope you relive the moments through this poetry

Though it may have ended so abruptly.

-By Arun Bahadur Gurung

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