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Dreams – Another Perspective Of The Reality

Dreams - Another Perspective Of The Reality

Dreams :- “series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.”

It’s kind of amusing sometimes, that whenever the word “dreams”, initially strikes our minds, the succeeding word is always sleep. Yet, is the term “dream” only tied up with sleep? Is there a compulsion that you can only have delusions, and imaginations can be commuted only via an unconscious soul?

The thoughts constantly stay with a self, given any state of the mind and the body, the only contrast is how we term it. For instance, Dreaming about a successful future becomes an aspiration; Dreaming about teachings inspired from prosperous personalities becomes an inspiration; Dreaming about money becomes greed.

Hence proved, they exist in various manners. But who terms our dreams? Are they meant to be termed? It’s just another thought, striking a brain, maybe glimpses of images or touch of emotions.

“As they say perspectives change… Well let’s twist stuff up… and let’s imagine from a different perspective…”

These aren’t my thoughts; Currently. This is exactly what your little organ hidden in the midst of skull thinks. Through our eyes, what we observe, sense, feel is all considered reality.

Well at the moment, lets label it reality, also let’s label whatever goes on, behind the scenes of reality, to be dreams. The part of a conventional day, our activities, movements; summarizing it in a simple phrase “Daily routine”, can be all considered reality, for an elementary reason. Nope, its not philosophical, it’s a simple answer.. We live it. That’s why it’s labelled reality. The brain somehow accepts the reality and lives it, but a modicum portion of it lies within the brain, where it reprocesses the entire scenario and projects it in the back of our minds, thus creating dreams. Here we draw line between the definition and make it:

Dreams:- “Another perspective of the reality”

Dreaming is another regular part of the body, but what makes it special?

“For in dreams, we enter a world, That is entirely ours.”

Nobody interferes, nobody trespasses. It’s the solitary thing which lies under your control, yet you cant do anything about it but just live it.

The difference between reality and dreaming? Well, reality can collapse but, dreams are a constant loop of never ending happenings. You either choose to live it, accept it as your reality or leave it.

“Don’t lower your dreams, to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.”

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