7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Common Dreams and Their Meanings

4. Dream About Being Naked

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

In many culture, being naked is a sign of shame or awkwardness. The dream of being naked is one of the most common and embarrassing dreams of all. When your subconscious mind sends you a signal that you are afraid of revealing your flaws and imperfections, you tend to dream in this manner.

The term naked is frequently associated with vulnerability and reflects a person’s fears and anxieties. When a person sees themselves naked in a dream, they are afraid that their insecurities will be revealed. You don’t want your shortcomings or weaknesses to be exposed.

If you have such dreams, it is time to make a change and stop being afraid. Just try to be true to yourself and you will achieve great things. 

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5. Dream About Being Chased

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

It’s terrifying to dream of being chased by creepy creatures, animals, or strangers. You wake up feeling out of breath. This type of dream can only mean one thing: that you are trying to escape from something or someone in your life that you are avoiding.

It could be a confrontation, or you’re avoiding a person for the wrong/right reasons. Someone who is related to your past relationships. Sometimes we also want to from non-human aspects like our fears, emotions, and desires.

The solution to this dream is simple: you need to be confident and face the challenge and pursue your dreams or call that person you have been avoiding… trust me, you will stop the thought from haunting your dreams.

6. Dream Of Flying

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

At some point in life, we all have wished to fly like birds in the sky. But when you dream of flying it doesn’t mean that you want to become a Superhero. It is related to your ambitions, goals, and something that we want to seek desperately. Flying is also a symbolism of success.

Another interpretation of flying in your dream is a desire to escape from the stresses of life. This usually happens when you wish to take a break and enjoy the little things in life without having to worry about your job, rent, or kids.

Finally, dreaming of flying represents an opportunity for making things better between you and your old lover. It could also mean that a potential love interest is on its way to you and it is your time to make the move.

7. Dream Of Pregnancy

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreaming of pregnancy can either be a worrisome topic or a long wish for most women. The dream mostly represents everything from creativity to fear. They are commonly associated with something that is in the growing and development phase and presages difficult times. 

Sometimes our dreams are symbolic or a metaphor for how we feel. Dreaming of pregnancy doesn’t mean you are actually pregnant. If you are single and dreaming of pregnancy then it is an indication that it is something you have been thinking about for a while and it has manifested in your dreams. And those who are married may be yearning to have children or fear being an inadequate mother.

Dreaming of becoming pregnant can often represent a new beginning or something life-changing. Again, this could refer to a creative process, but it could also refer to any kind of new beginning that begins internally and manifests externally later.

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Wrapping up 

If you are facing such dreams, then you need to consider reflecting on your life. What we do and don’t do affects our minds. When we fear or think about something too much we end up manifesting and dreaming about it.

If you were able to find some answers, then now is the time for you to work on them.

Tell us some of your most common dreams in the comments below!


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7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings Pin
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7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
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7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
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