At Some Point, You Will Realize That You Have Done Too Much Or Someone

Draw the line between determination and desperation

At some point, you will realize that you have done too much for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone. Walk away. It’s not like you’re giving up, and shouldn’t try. It’s just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly yours would eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be.

Assessing and defining your lines are at times essential./p>

Do more? Think about it.

35 thoughts on “At Some Point, You Will Realize That You Have Done Too Much Or Someone”

  1. We have to move on somehow..this is the only way to go on with our life…it'll'll need time to heal completely..or maybe these people will leave us a bruise that noone will be able to heal… :'(

  2. I'm not trying to be apart of anyone's life but my own. I'm not trying to make anyone else happy but myself. I'm not desperately pursuing anyone or trying to bother, make contact with or harassing anyone. There's no on out there that I want in my life enough to bother to pursue desperately. However, they've been desperately pursuing and harassing me on daily basis in many different ways. They won't leave me alone. They to continuously come at me hiding behind fake accounts in order to push me over the edge by threatening to harm me and my daughter if I don't send them pictures of my private parts or meet with them so they can have sex with me on camera. They're offering me money if I want it but I don't want anything from them except to be left alone so I can move and begin to live again. They're trying to make me believe that they love me and tell me that they know I could make them happy. I've indicated that only thing that I want is to walk away from without having to worry about looking over my shoulder all the time. They have told me that they don't want me to leave, that they won't let me go and that they will follow me wherever I go until I agree to do what they want me do. That's having sex with them on camera. They're trying to get me out and meet them. You tell me who's desperately pursuing whom? It's fairly clear to me.

  3. No No NO I don't agree…No further step towards stop,it's a selfishness if you are doing something for someone because you love to do it's your own choice or responsibility if you feel it's not working…even continue because once it's a realization for your someone to understand that someone is really understand the words love…please focus what you are doing never stop because of such selfish thought…I think one has to enjoy relationship either one side or both sides but after all it's our own relation…darling I love you but you don't know it's not my problem but I love you…it's only my problem.

  4. … I never regret 'doing too much'… give it all you've got… be the generous wonderful person you are… and if the connection ends… so be it… some friends are for a life time and some for a moment… that is their purpose… and mine.

  5. Not agree…I will continue my job….I know I can't meet God in my life.I know many dream are simply dream I know my family never change I know people are always keeps changing but….I am awake and I follow humanity.

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