The 3 Roles We Play During a Conflict & Ways To Escape The Drama Triangle

Roles We Play During Conflict

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3. Change your role

Instead of becoming a victim, a persecutor, or a rescuer, choose to shift your persona and take on a different role in the drama. The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) created by medical doctor & coach David Emerald Womeldorff shows us how we can choose a role based on our passions. This new model focuses on goals & outcomes and provides a solution to Karpman’s drama triangle.

The 3 Roles We Play During a Conflict & Ways To Escape The Drama Triangle

According to the TED model, the dysfunctional roles of the people involved in conflict and drama can shift to a constructive role.

The victim can choose to be the creator. 

Instead of wallowing self-pity, they can shift their focus from problem-oriented to solution-oriented. When we take responsibility for the role we play in challenging situations, and for our lives, we trade the false power of victimhood for the real power that comes from creating the life we want,” explains Christine Carter.

The persecutor can become the challenger. 

Persecutors can be people and situations that compel the creator (former victim) to focus on their needs and personal growth. She writes “Challengers always tell the truth, even when it is painful.

The rescuer can evolve into the coach. 

By transforming into the coach, the rescuer can help the creator in taking decisions and making necessary choices to solve problems in their lives. Carter adds “A coach asks questions that help the creator to see the possibilities for positive action, and to focus on what they do want instead of what they do not want.

Build better personal relationships

The better we understand ourselves, the more we can work on our drawbacks. This enables us to develop the skills to create and maintain healthy relationships with people. The drama triangle helps us take a closer look at ourselves and realize which role we take on in conflict. When you understand why you think, feel, behave and act in a specific way in certain situations, you will be better able to manage your reactions to stress and grow as a person.

The 3 Roles We Play During a Conflict & Ways To Escape The Drama Triangle

It is only by learning to resolve conflicts in a healthy and peaceful way, we can build loving relationships and live a happy life. So irrespective of what role you may play in the drama, choose to change it and be your better self.

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