Dragon 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

Dragon 2018 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions

Dragon 2018 Luck Horoscope

Dragon’s Luck is on the path to success or fame in the very near future and there will be plenty to cope with ahead. Such activities are also likely to cause some strain in one’s relationship with some of the present organization, members, colleagues, partners or friends, who might have too much expectation from the individual.

One might achieve one thing on one hand and lose in another, it is not likely to have both at the same time. Life can be cruel at times. A lot will depend on the individual making the proper choice, which could be difficult.

Dragon horoscope 2018 horoscope by date of birth

Year of the Fire Dragon: 1976 (Jan. 31, 1976 – Feb. 17, 1977)

Career luck is shining on you. You will gain status in the business world. Peach blossom is everywhere around you, avoid it. Singles will be able to meet their dream lover soon. For those who are married, it is advised not to have an affair. You must control your temper, if not, there will be gossips or even court cases.

Year of the Wood Dragon: 1964 (Feb. 13, 1964 – Feb. 01, 1965)

Commercial traps are all around, be aware of them. Career luck is not that good, be more aware of the investments you’ve made. Handle finance wisely. Be careful when in transit to avoid accidents. Never quarrel with others as you may offend evil characters causing more troubles.

Year of the Water Dragon: 1952 (Jan. 27, 1952 – Feb. 13, 1953)

Be aware of your health. Once not feeling well, seek medications immediately. Take up some light exercise, which will do you good but never overdo things with strenuous exercises. This is not a year suitable for you to have a holiday overseas. Never walk through dark lanes to avoid thefts. There may be lots of gossips.

Year of the Metal Dragon: 2000 (Feb. 05, 2000 – Jan. 23, 2001)

Youngsters must control their temper. Try to obey your elders. Concentrate on studies. Use your allowances wisely. Stay at home more to be with family members. Health luck is not too bad. Seek immediate treatment if you fall sick.

Year of Earth Dragon 1988 (Feb. 17, 1988 – Feb. 05, 1989)

You will receive help from guardians of nobility to settle problems encountered. Career luck is good. You will be able to produce good results gaining praises from your superiors. There may be a chance for you to get a promotion and a raise in salary. Never be a guarantor, lend or borrow money. Handle finance wisely.

Quick Facts about people born in the Year of the Dragon

The strength and passion define the characteristics and heart of the dragon person. Constantly dynamic and full of vitality, she is idealistic, determined, and self-assured in any task in life. She shows much pride in herself and is highly intelligent and successful at most things (maybe with the exception of cooking).

In love, she is surrounded by admirers (not always the smartest kind!) and often demanded in marriage. Although the dragon is strong and passionate, she is fiesty and often a perfectionist (and demands perfection of other people as well!).

Challenges are alluding to her and she will be highly imitating when challenged. She is often irritable causing her to lose her temper easily although she’ll forgive you the moment she gets over her outbursts.

Don’t get her mad because her anger is nothing less than the heat of the dragon’s fire breath. When irritated she can be stubborn and irrational and will more than likely jump to conclusions quickly.

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