An Always Happy Relationship is a Doomed Relationship

Always Happy Relationship is Doomed Relationship

Conflict Is Necessary for a Happy Relationship

Having conversations that address the problems in the relationship are paramount to cultivating a healthy relationship that meet both partners’ needs.

I always say that conflict is a catalyst for closeness because it allows us to experience all of our emotions with each other. It helps us learn to love each other, despite the unpleasant feelings.

In fact, our unpleasant feelings are amazing guides to repairing and enhancing our relationship. We just need to interpret them as signals to take action in order to improve our connection with our partner.

The conflict has a powerful purpose because it allows us to speak about what we need that makes the relationship more fulfilling for both partners.

Additionally, a healthy relationship requires partners to say “no” to each other every once in a while and figure out what works for both of them.

You have to speak up for yourself and your needs, and your partner has to do the same. Both of you have to be willing to discuss what will and will not work for each of you in the relationship.

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This is why it’s called a relationship. It takes two mature people who realize they are responsible for bringing up their struggles in the relationship to improve the relationship.

It’s not always easy, but focusing on the underlying emotions of your partner or yourself, despite the unpleasant feelings you feel during conflicts, will bring both of you closer.

One of the ironic things I’ve discovered about conflict is that sometimes, my partner feels the same way I do. By speaking about it, I invite her to be vulnerable with me, which allows us to connect on a much deeper level.

The quality of your relationship depends on your ability to understand your partner and vice versa.

The secret to understanding each other better comes from the hard work of putting your partners in a position where they can tell you their minds openly and honestly.

They need to be given the breathing room to show their fears and vulnerabilities so you can connect over them.

An always pleasant relationship is not a great relationship. It’s a doomed one.

It takes a level of discomfort to communicate our needs and understand each other. Love takes work to expose and resolve conflicting beliefs and expectations.

And it is our willingness to experience the discomfort of conflict together that deepens our love for one another.

Relationships are not only based on love but also understanding your partner deeply.

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Written by Kyle Benson

No healthy relationship is devoid of conflicts. Fights are a normal part of relationships, so anybody who tells you otherwise, just ignore them. If you are having problems in your relationship, then instead of sweeping them under your rug, talk about it and come to to a solution. You will see that your relationship will be stronger and happier than before.

If you want to know more about how an always happy relationship is a doomed relationship, then check this video out below:

An Always Happy Relationship is a Doomed Relationship
An Always Happy Relationship is a Doomed Relationship
Always Happy Relationship is Doomed Relationship pin
An Always Happy Relationship is a Doomed Relationship

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