Wisepicks For 22 August

Don't waste your life in the shallow end

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 22 August.

Don't waste your life in the shallow end1

Jesse Richardson


Don’t waste your life
 in the shallow end, 
brave the deep
adventure awaits..!!


Faith Dunsmuir


Trying to stay a float
 in the puddle of technology 
rather than swimming freely 
in the sea of knowledge and wisdom 
that is literature.


Karthik Parthasarathy


Why tread in the shallow waters, 
A device to help you spend your time? 
Rather brave the deep waters of books, 
With all the experience of the world,
Contained within its pages.  


Don't waste your life in the shallow end4
Martin Xayachack


A book can be a sea of pure imagination , 
while your phone can have you drowning
 in information


Dharita Shah


Leave the puddle 
and plunge 
into the ocean.
Arlene Dagandan Ingua


Still wanting to hold you(book) 
after submerging myself 
in this fancy thing!
Priyanka Tripathi

Books are the only
 that will save you
in the pool of ignorance
created by technology!

Sulekha Pande


Ocean of books,
puddle of a kindle.




Comforted and satisfied 
in this puddle of technology,
The youth nowadays don’t wish
 to swim the vast sea of books.
Lured by the addiction, 
their world is constricted 
and into the tech puddle they drown.

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