Don’t Try To Understand Everything

 November 09, 2018

Don't Try To Understand Everything

Don’t try to understand everything.
Sometimes it is not meant to be
understood, just accepted.

6 comments on “Don’t Try To Understand Everything

  1. there are things that you cant / will not accept, if you cant understand..if you do thats how you will be fooled, and deluded..this is how an abuse can start, you accept, even if you dont understand.. ‘thats just how it is’
    there are things in the universe thats yes, hard to understand, but it doesnt mean we accept it just it is, we see it as it is and we are open to the possibilities, to the truth..
    we hold on / try to change / wait / stay coz we want to understand..
    acceptance is easy, but understanding..why, how, what and figuring this all out by yourself will always take time..

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