Don’t Try To Be What Makes People Happy

Don’t Try To Be What Makes People Happy
Pratik Khadatare

Don’t try to be
what makes people happy,
You never know
when and how you become
slave of society’s expectations.

Rinku Shah

We are all on our own personal journey,
It’s funny…
At one time or another
we all become prisoners,
Forgetting we are only visitors
To the expectations of those around us.
We endure, despise, struggle and fuss.
Wishing to escape
Let happiness give life a new shape!

Sarrvesh Waran

So free we seem,
so fettered we are.
Influenced by others’ expectations,
we couldn’t go free and far.
We live a double life,
having inside ourselves, an inner war.
We lament and regret
on each things we miss.
So just live your life as you wish.
Learn to live and to tackle.
And save yourself from this shackle

Rinku Shah

Don’t let other people’s expectations,
Their frustrations
Weigh down on you,
Take the cue.
Break free
Do what matters most to you.
Walk ahead and to expectations
bid adieu!

Karthik Parthasarathy

March on in life,
Break the shackles,
Get over the internal strife,
Borne by the expectations,
Those of others and of self.

Sulekha Pande

The shackles of expectations,
are the reason for lamentations,
failed, bitter and dissatisfied,
you’ll end up if you over obliged.

Roma Thomas

Don’t let this world bind You.
Don’t let this world chain You.
Plunge forth and seize the day.
It’s Your life.Live it Your way.

Anindya J Ganguly

The shackle of expectations
locks me down
From striving for the clouds
floating around.
I fail to foresee my own misery
Slowly throttling all my dreams
To be lost forever
and never be found.

Sulekha Pande

Live your life,
you’re under no obligation,
to fulfill unreasonable expectations.

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