It’s The Maybes

It's The Maybes

it’s the maybes that will kill you.

15 thoughts on “It’s The Maybes”

    1. I quite like ‘maybe’… if the path isn’t clear ‘may be’… holds a positive… agree with you however – if an answer is being demanded I have the right to be silent.

  1. Sir raakhe sir jaat hai, sir kaaTe sir hoy.
    Jaise baatee deep ki, kaTi ujiyara hoy.

    If you want to keep your head (ego, I-ness), your original head is being lost (soul’s identity, true self), and if you cut your head off, you grow a new head. It is similar to the wick of a lamp; which burns and finishes itself in order to turn into light.
    Kabir <3

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