I Don’t Look Forward To Seeing You Again One Day

I Don't Look Forward To Seeing You Again One Day

Well, I’m glad you dumped me, by the way. I’m glad our times together didn’t last forever. I’m glad that you are happy and enjoying each and every moment of your life without me in it.

I’ve made it, Darling! I’m now over you. I’m fine. I don’t feel wrecked anymore. I no longer terrified to love someone else. I’ve stopped wishing of you, loving me when I forget to love myself. I’ve stopped crying out for you at 3 A.M during Thursdays. I’ve stopped wishing for impossible things for both of us. I no longer miss you so desperately at nights and when I wake up in the mornings. You’re no longer the best part of my every day and you’re no longer my favorite character in every story I write.

I can think of you with a smile on my face, shake my head and say, “Thanks God, there are guys like him, otherwise this world is such a boring place to live in.” I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself now and I don’t need somebody to mother hen me, not even you. I’m now capable of giving my heart to someone else, the one who deserves to spend priceless moments with me. I don’t look forward to seeing you again one day. So please, stay away from me.

I Don't Look Forward To Seeing You Again One Day

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