Don’t let yourself to be part of someone else’s game.

Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Don’t let yourself to be part of someone else’s game.


Karthik Parthasarathy


The curve of the lips,
Who gets to be sad? Who gets to smile?
Decided by the puppeteer’s strings,
Held by the master called Life?
It has its say,
But we too can sway it our way,
Taking control of our curve,
One small bit at a time.


Archana Gupta


Don’t let the world ruin your happiness,
don’t be the puppet and dance on their tunes.
Be strong enough to handle your own emotions!


Noor Fatima


Never let the strings of your mood 
be in others’ hands,
FOr they will get the authority 
to make you happy and sad,
Irrespective of what you need 
and what you want. 
Rinku Shah


Three’s a crowd, two’s a company!
Especially if it involves puppetry
Don’t let anyone manipulate your emotions,
Keeping a third person out 
is the best solution! 
Ange Le


the sadness and happiness
you can find in yourself
depends on how you connect
your life with others.


Sherry Greene


Avoid outside influences
Determining joy or anger
You’ll be much happier
Influencing yourself


Happy Honey


We are all puppets
In the hands of karma
Happiness or sadness 
Everything is a result of it.



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