Don’t Let Your Thought’s Consume You

Don't Let Your Thought's Consume You
Kris Sudale

Don’t let your thought’s
consume you.

Japji Ekam

One gets Consumed
by the energy one follows

Roma Manglani

The cloud of worry
engulfs the sunshine of life!

Ravina Jain

The sky and the sun are always there,
It’s the clouds that come and go,
Do not let the darkness of your thoughts
engulf you,
For once the clouds pass,
there’s sunshine waiting above
to brightly glow.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Weighed down by your thoughts,
Burdened by your analysis,
Till it becomes paralysis,
Eventually bowing down to it.
End of it, comes to a point,
Totally consumed by negativity,
Not being able to see the light,
The one that has been with you all along.

Дэвид Шальк Портер

Live in your thoughts
and they will consume you.

Anindya J Ganguly

The dark doom
of blotched smoke
Clouts in as clouds
As I loom in the desert of
gloom & drought
I conceal all my fear
in that wisp in sky
But find myself locked
from the reality of life.

Drishti Nagdeo

An excess of thought,
Can harm a lot.
If not fought,
It leaves you to rot.
Sunshine, it allows not.
Then, in its trap, you are caught,
Before you can say ‘What!’.

Richa Kalra

Darkness and light are part of life,
Don’t indulge in the dark sight,
It will absorb you till the point make it your life.

Sarrvesh Waran

It is all in your mind.
You can either bloom
Or dwell in gloom.

Hrisha Paul

And at the end it swallowed my Sun
leaving me in my own darkness
to suffer in silence.

M Jeyaram

Nature doesn’t bring down humans;
it is the human nature that does.

Anna Marie Brown

My thoughts are slowly consuming me
so much they take over me

Sayeeda Pearl

Seek help
before succumbing
to the darkness of

Angie Steen

If you do not control your mind
it will control you

Aditi Prabhu

It started with a single thought
turned into a chain reaction
leading to his own destruction

Sulekha Pande

Nothing darkens our world,
more than our own thoughts.

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