Don’t Kill Yourself

Don't Kill Yourself
Kindra Hutchison

Don't kill yourself
trying to save others


Sherry Greene

They not only bite
The hand that feeds them
They abuse goodwill
From those that free them


Felicia Holmes

Never lose sight of your own safety,
In your desire to help another.


Debra Pry

Don't leave yourself hanging
while trying to help others.
Not everyone is your friend.


Hrisha Paul

Your compassion must not blind you.
Look into the eyes
before you trust and save someone.


Karthik Parthasarathy

Before you show empathy,
Fixing someone's issues for them,
Choose them with care,
While handling them, beware.
For all the help you are doing,
Wouldn't make sense at all,
If they land you into trouble,
While you take them out of it.



Ceona Chambers

Look out for yourself while helping others,
some will still knock the chair
out from under you
while you risk your life saving them.


Norma Donowho *

To many dies whilst saving others.
Be careful you don't kill yourself
in order to save someone
who wouldn't save you?


Divya Tuli Garg

Don’t let your empathy
be the reason for your destruction.


Rinku Shah

It’s foolishness to think
that the one you help
will help you too!

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