Don’t Hold Your Emotions For Too Long

Don't hold your emotions for too long, It can explode like a bomb
Happy Honey


Don’t hold your emotions for too long,
It can explode like a bomb.


Christina Carandang


Just like a grenade.
It explodes when you throw it away.


Debra Pry


The heart is a ticking time bomb,
Fueled by love.
And ignited by Passion.


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Don’t trigger your heart to explode.


Nancy Shurkoff


Love is a ticking time bomb.
 When it strikes,
the heart will implode without warning.




My heart, 
it’s a Love’s abode.
And devoid of you, 
it would just explode.
Crystal Bowley


Like a grenade awaiting detonation, 
my heart will be shattered.
Piece by piece it will fall, 
as if none of it ever mattered. 
Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


Fragile is the heart
A time bomb it is
Ticking every minutes 
in rhythm of our feelings
Be it of excitement or sorrow!
Just waiting to explode 
in joy or sadness
You own the key to it
Protect your heart! 
Noor Fatima


I gave my vulnerable heart to you,
And you made it more deteriorating
Now, it is brimful of pain and emotions,
And on the verge of bursting
Please, handle it carefully!
For once it is erupted,
you will be losing it permanently!


Rajeev K Singh


Sorrow changes heart into grenade,
Transformation is grueling 
not tailor made,
Love and empathy is the trigger pin,
If removed, ends all pain and sin.
Yusha Van Rensburg


Emotional Disaster

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