Don’t hate what you don’t understand

Don't hate what you don't understand

Agree ?



39 thoughts on “Don’t hate what you don’t understand”

  1. Exactly,exactly you can not hate something you don't even know what it is,and even if you know exactly what it is you do not have to hate,you only need to respect and move fordwar don't ever forget "some things that are good for you doesn't mean are good for others"

    1. I think God is there, but not something we can fully understand or put into one religion. It's just like trying to explain the concept of Nature, Magic or the Universe. I believe God is in us, and we are in God. Quite confusing, but works for me.

  2. I never hate because what comes in front of me I always know the reason behind it. That reason is always the connection of love. Only that knows my reality. ☺

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