Don’t Expect Someone Else Will Heal You

I’ve had clients come to me expecting me to wave a magic wand and make them all better, seriously it doesn’t work that way.  You have set these experiences up in your life to learn something important. The more it affects you, the more important the lesson to learn and if someone waves that magic wand, what have you actually learned?  Nothing, so you will create it again in another form and it will probably be even more painful than the first time around to make sure you look at it.

So when you are on that part of your journey where you seek healing, really think about how you might go about that.  Will you choose what may seem the easiest way and work with someone who offers the magic wand or will you choose to learn the hard lessons, face your truth and grow, and are willing to do the work.  Is that the difference between a healer and a coach?

Empath Coach

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