Be Your Own Hero, Not The Victim Of Someone Else’s Story

Be Hero Not Victim Of Someone Story

Knowing someone is abusive, manipulative and erratic, yet deciding to dive in head first anyway – that’s on me too.

Believing I can change someone because I’m that special, that different, that strong – that’s on me.

Don’t Be The Victim Anymore

Ignoring the warning signs and bending my boundaries so that I can seem cooler or chiller than I actually am– that’s on me.

Pretending that lust might mean more even though I know, in my heart of hearts that it is only lust– that’s on me.

Deciding to keep seeing a man who does not respect me, who does not have my best interests in mind, who does not treat me in the way I treat him – that’s on me.

Not knowing what I want, not having clearly defined boundaries, and pretending that I do – that’s on me.

Fucking a person who is unstable and has shown time and time again to have bad judgment, shit impulses and no regard for what I want?

Babycakes, with all the love in my heart, that is on me. No matter how charming. No matter how sexy. No matter how fun. That is on me.

I will not be the victim anymore.

I will make decisions that keep me safe. I will make choices that are right for me. I will not ignore the feelings that tell me when to run.

At the end of the day, I am the only one who can trust my gut. I’m the only one who can hear the little voice in my head that tells me something is wrong.

I am the only one who can choose to listen.

Owning my decisions and my role as my own protector will make me the hero of my own story, not the victim of someone else’s.

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Written By Chloe Daniels
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog

The moment you start seeing yourself as the victim, you are letting them win. The moment you give them the satisfaction of seeing you as their yet another victim, you are giving them the power they wanted over you. So, don’t. Don’t let them win at any cost. Own your decisions and own your pain, and see yourself be the strongest person anyone has ever seen.

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Be Your Own Hero, Not The Victim Of Someone Else's Story
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