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  1. I thought I finally found the right man,but noticed after 2yrs all the problems he had he was taking it out on me verbably.,i new the next step he made he would have started hitting me.The signs were all there ,called abuse.So I called off are relationship..funny thing is I’m so much in love with him.i have to stay strong..I keep telling myself your better then this,and I know the Lord will send me the right one some day, if not its meant to be.Im tired it seems like I’m repeating the same pattern.

  2. When not the police helps you, not kommunkontoret(in swedish), not civilians, not begging him and his family to stop chasing me. And his “friends” from talking shit about me.And him from trying to murder me several times. What CAN I DO? Just keep on running like I am doing now! My situation is hopeless!