Why You Don’t Always Need to Forgive

Why Dont Always Need Forgive

For many, it can be difficult to recognize that someone close to us could have acted malevolently toward us, taken pleasure in our pain, and continued being hurtful despite having nothing to gain except self-satisfaction. When clients tell me of travesties they have endured, and how cruelly they have been treated, particularly in cases of child abuse, the idea of forgiveness often comes up, usually independently: “I know I need to forgive…” or “I don’t know how I can forgive.” 

These words are powerful because within them lies a concept which attacks the will of the hurt individual, including his or her self-concept, self-esteem, and understanding of the world, people, and, indeed, themself. Is there a need to forgive? No, there is a need to understand and to accept, and there is a need to hold the wrongdoer accountable, if even by laying the blame where it ought to be in conversation with a therapist or friend.

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There is a need to grieve the idea of what could or should have been; there is a need to love the younger self who has endured the hardship; and there is a need to make a plan to move forward.

Forgiveness is an emotional and psychological phenomenon that likely carries evolutionary weight, allowing us to function in a society built on trust.

In most cases, forgiveness is healthy, needed, and recommended. Sometimes, however, there’s more power in not forgiving, but learning from encounters of malevolence, growing, and moving on.


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Written By Mariana Bockarova 
Originally Published In Psychology Today

The next time you struggle with forgiveness, stop, and think about who is on the other side. Malevolent and toxic people don’t deserve your forgiveness. Forgiving someone can be freeing, but when it comes really bad people, just forget about them and move on with your life.

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1 thought on “Why You Don’t Always Need to Forgive”

  1. Desiree Marie Ceja

    Forgiveness is a gift we offer to an offender, whether they choose to acknowledge the offense or not. A huge reason why I choose to “forgive” is personal. It’s for me. For us. I move on reconciling my heart, motives and intention.

    *[Paraphrased] Jesus often told his community of believers, “Should a homestead or town not warmly receives you and/or outright reject you, pick yourself up, shake the dust from your feet and leave! Never to return”.

    Matt. 10:14
    But if the people of a house or town will not welcome you or listen to you, leave it and shake its dust from your feet!

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