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This Isn’t the Time to Accept Toxic Behavior From Anyone

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3. The Covid-19 pandemic still isn’t the time to romanticize suffering. 

Your life isn’t a complete failure. Things weren’t better with the love you lost. Enduring damage to your self-worth is not better than where you are now. Having your growth and freedom stifled is not better than where you are now. Being shown minimal effort is not better than where you are now. 

I know it feels like anything is better than where you are. You beat yourself up for holding on to memories. You can go through a terrible break-up and still care about your partner. 

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Maybe it’s time to process your emotions by asking, “What do the things I love about (insert person’s name here) say about me and what I want?” Alternatively, “What do the things I hate about (insert person’s name here) say about me and what I don’t want?” 

Be honest here. It’s a slow road to healing when you hide your truth. 

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You can appreciate the space you are in while still remembering the people and experiences that brought you here. You don’t have to choose. 

One day, you’ll find that your gaze looks more ahead and a lot less backward. 

Feel the ache of letting go of the person, things or life, you loved or still love. Feel the frustration for the person that is a constant annoying part of your life. Feel the warmth you had with the person who left or that you left. 

Those memories aren’t going to hurt you, they may singe, they may rip your flesh to the bones, but they aren’t going to really hurt you. 

This still isn’t the time to accept people’s toxic behavior, but maybe it will be just enough to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to see, hear, and feel the people who have been invisible to us. 

If you want to know more about why you should not accept toxic behavior during this pandemic, then check this video out below:

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