The Body Language Of Controlling People: 26 Signs of Dominance

body language controlling people signs dominance

18. Encroaching and invading in the personal space of others to show dominance

19. Claiming a specific area in the house or workplace and expecting others to follow their rules or not to intrude 

20. Holding or touching properties of other people without permission

21. Standing in the center of a group to gain attention

22. Attempting to control others by showing off their wealth or influence

23. Not looking at someone while they are talking to show that the person isn’t important enough

24. Not smiling or having a non-emotional facial expression while interacting

25. Controlling others’ time by either rushing them, interrupting them while talking or arriving late and leaving early

26. Belittling, humiliating or criticizing others frequently and without provocation. Lack of respect is a show of superiority

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The Body Language Of Controlling People: 26 Signs of Dominance

Responding to a controlling person

If you are in a relationship with a controlling person or work with someone who constantly shows dominance over you, then one of the best ways to respond to them is to simply ignore. Their primary aim is to control you and to make you submit. However, if you are determined to not submit to their subtle or aggressive body language, then they will feel out of control. 

You can either appear friendly to them or imitate their dominant body language, gestures and postures to intimidate them back. Countering their controlling behavior with dominance will make you feel less vulnerable, more confident and in control.

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Here is an interesting video that you may find helpful:

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