26 Body Language Signs Of Controlling People

body language signs controlling people

2. Crooked, uneven postures

Controlling people usually tend to have asymmetrical postures as they are focused on projecting dominance and superiority over others. They pay close attention to where and how they sit in a room.

“These kinds of people often lift their shoulders and puff out their chests because they want to seem more important to others,” adds Exploring Your Mind. They also try to gain higher ground over others. Hence, they might stand while talking while others may sit. Being higher and looking down on people makes them feel powerful and have a sense of control.

3. Abnormal gestures and movements

People with dominating personalities often make swift and vague gestures with their hands. They may also overuse their hand movements to make their words seem more authentic and impactful. Their entire objective for communication is to show their energy and power.

Pointing is also a common body language trait of controlling people. They may point at you with their index finger frequently while talking to appear threatening and to intimidate you. As such behavior can make you feel defensive, they will gain control over the conversation and dominate it.

According to Exploring Your Mind, “Dominating people tend to use their arms to increase the amount of space they take up.” They might cross their arms while talking to you or place their hands on the hips as it may make you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. They may also form a fist or lean on the table while making conversation to appear aggressive and in charge.

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4. Appearing bigger

Dominant people may make certain postures or gestures to appear physically bigger and/or taller. This is especially evident in the animal kingdom as alpha males often try to appear bigger to attract mates and to dominate competitors. Apart from standing tall, a controlling person may also stand in close proximity to intimidate you.

5. Leading forcefully

Controlling people may command you for no reason and take the lead in social situations unnecessarily just to show their dominance. According to Psychologia, “Dominant people will lead from the front, often going through doors before others and walking ahead of the crowd.”

26 Body Language Signs Of Controlling People
26 Body Language Signs Of Controlling People

6. Touching inappropriately

Touching other people without consent in an unemotional manner can also be a sign of dominance. The controlling person may pat you on the back to endorse or honor you. Although this may seem like a positive gesture, this is simply a sign of superiority. They show dominance by giving you validation and having the power to decide who deserves it.

7. Controlling conversations

Dominant behavior is not only limited to gestures and postures. They may also use the power words and interrupt conversations to show that they are in charge. They may either cut you off mid-conversation or may start talking before others.

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Signs Of Body Language Of Dominance

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are some other body language signals of controlling people who use communication to assert dominance. According to a report on The Washington Post, some common powerful and dominating stances include, holding “your head high, consciously extending your neck. Take up extra space, extending your arms outward. To make the strongest point, stand up.”

Here are some other body language signs that you need to look out for in a dominating, controlling person:

8. Standing or sitting with legs apart.

9. Standing upright while holding head and chin up to appear taller.

10. Arms spread wide or raised up.

11. Standing on toes or a step or a platform to gain additional height to look down on others.

12. Sticking out their chests.

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