Doing too much and Regretting

doing too much and regretting

On occasions, I struggle with the fact that at one time I loved you to the point that I sacrificed my own happiness for you and that at the same time, you did not love me enough to stop me!

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    1. @ Tmj, in my case once i give i don’t expect…i feel happy when i give, when i can make someone smile and happy and when they feel special because i thought of them…what hurts me is when they return it or when they say they’ll give it to a friend…if that’s the case do whatever they want to do with it just don’t let me know…

  1. yes! giving and doing much to someone special and not expecting that person to do the same….i have no regrets of doing so…i don't even know why i give and do such…there are circumstances that the mind does not understand but only the heart does. As i always say….it's better to give than to receive. When you are able to make someone smile and feel happy in your own little ways that doubles my happiness.

  2. Yes and how do I stop doing it to someone just like I was. I'm not bad at it but I definately take some advantage. Just when I take initiative he gets to glazed out and I feel it happening to me all again. So, how does one cope??? Curious in ND.

  3. we all been throw this or gonna reach it at some point, we love who does not care enough and we don't care enough about who really loves us!

  4. Never regret anything i did for someone, its part of being faithful to my self and way of life, i fell many times and stood on my feet again, stronger and harder to fall the next time.

  5. Being in love with the wrong person might be terrifying and possession can lead to an obsession which becomes uncontrollable. I've been through a similar kind of experience and it was dreadfully painful. I suppose, everybody has been obsessed with someone at some point in their lives too. Bottom line is that unrequited love can make you sick and it can eat you alive. If there's one thing I've learned, it's this "Know your worth and avoid being treated in a way less than you deserve."

  6. I don't regret doing things for people, nor doing more than them. I regret letting it get to a point where they believed it to be a term of payment; 'you owe me poetry' or 'you owe me affection'
    You can't keep giving without getting, because the pot will be emptied without something being put in

  7. I was going to like and share the post until i realize you specify in your caption the 'someone' This is a selective gender perspective post so i feel i should not comment from my own experience. Everything else was perfect though

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