Dog 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

Dog 2018 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions


Dog horoscope 2018 horoscope by date of birth

Year of the Water Dog: 1982 (Jan. 25, 1982 – Feb. 12, 1983)

Luck is very good. Salaried workers may have a raise in salary and a promotion. For those who are doing business, it will be good too. Wealth luck is good but never abuse it. Peach blossom is everywhere around you, never get involved. Health luck is good but be more attentive when driving to prevent accidents.


Year of the Metal Dog: 1970 (Feb. 06, 1970 – Jan. 26, 1971)

Career luck is good. Those who are doing business will have wealth coming their way. The only real problem is with married couples. You’re not on good terms. There will be a third party involved. You must handle it carefully so as not to worsen the situation. Finance wise, one must handle money wisely.


Year of the Fire Dog: 1946 (Feb. 02, 1946 – Jan. 21, 1947)

Health luck is not on your side, your body is weak, if there are illness, seek medication immediately, never drag it out as it may turn serious. Wealth luck is good but for family luck, it is down. Don’t get too worried though as you may receive help from guardians of nobility. Problems will be settled in no time. Remember, never get frustrated over minor things as it may upset your luck.


Year of Earth Dog: 1958 (Feb. 18, 1958 – Feb. 07, 1959)

Wealth luck is on your side but you may have unexpected expenditure too. Beware of thefts. Prevent yourself from being cheated in 2018 You may lose wealth from it. Family luck takes on a negative influence. There will be quarrels around the family. Try to be more understanding and give in more to avoid all those unwanted problems. Build good relationships with those people around you as it may do you good.


Year of the Wood Dog: 1994 (Feb. 10, 1994 – Jan. 30, 1995)

For students, you may get flying colors for your results, but that’s no reason to start playing too soon. Study first. As for those who are working, career luck is good and you will also receive help from guardians of nobility. Wealth luck is on your side too. One must learn the handling of finances, as it is crucial to your future.


Quick Facts about people born in the Year of the Dog

Always the honest and faithful one, the Dog will be with you through thick and thin and be there when you need him the most. He has a deep sense of loyalty and has a passion for justice and will usually be the first to speak out against any wrongdoing done by any person.

And he won’t just sit there and bark at the unfair play, he will get up and do something about it. Being blatantly unselfish, he will protect the interests of others more than his own. He cares the most about people and enjoys helping them.

He is not always the best in a crowd of people but he is friendly and unpretentious and will listen to you. At times he can be judgemental, defensive, and panicky in the face of fear but he will always have a clear sense of duty and will do anything to help a friend.

In relationships, he will haplessly fall in love with an unequal partner but will stick with her no matter what. Even though he is very giving in his relationships, he will have romantic problems being that he is a constant worrier.

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