How To Find Out If a Man Really Wants A Committed Relationship With You

How To Find Out If a Man Really Wants A Committed Relationship With You

I have found that most men who are wanting a committed partner and looking to be in a serious relationship will welcome that question and will be straightforward and upfront or say something like, “I’ve been single for a little while and I would love to meet that one special person, settle down and get married one day or have kids with” (or whatever he’s looking for).

How do you measure a relationship?


If the doesn’t want a long-term relationship, most men are still pretty straightforward.

They might say, “I just got out of a relationship, so I’m not really looking to jump into anything serious right now. I’m just looking to have fun and go on dates and get to know people.”

Usually, men are pretty straight forward about whether they want a relationship— one way or the other.

An exception to this is you know a man who doesn’t want a relationship but doesn’t want to be honest about that because he senses that’s what you want and he wants to like keep you around or keep you on the back burner in case you’d be open to something casual or in case he changes his mind down the road or something like that.

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He might give you like a really vague answer like, “I’m not really looking for something serious but I’m open to possibilities.”

I’m trying to think of some vague answers I’ve heard from that in my past, something like, “Well, I’m not really sure if we’re meant for monogamy as humans but I’m open to meeting the right person one day.”

Or something really vague where you can’t really get a clear sense of what he just said. That’s a sign he is not looking for a relationship or he doesn’t believe in monogamy.

A lot of men who have that point of view are very vocal about it and they’ll be pretty straightforward or they’ll give you kind of a vague response because they want to kind of keep you around.


I’ve found most men will welcome questions about whether they want a relationship.

If they’re looking to be in a relationship and they get the sense that that’s what you want, especially if you’ve met on an online dating site or something like that, most men will tell you.

They’ll say something like, “I would love to meet the right person for me and settle down one day.”

He might even give you some kind of timeline like, “this something I want before this age” or “I’m looking for a relationship within the next few years.”

You want to really listen to his answer.


Let me recap what to ask a man to find out if he wants a relationship.

“If you could create anything in your love life or if you could create your ideal situation in dating and relationships, what would that look like. What would that be?”

And really listen to his answer.

What happens when we are up in our heads, when we are in our masculine energy, a lot of times we’re cut off from our feminine energy intuition where a man will tell you in a pretty straightforward way right up front whether he’s looking for a relationship.

We could miss those red flags and signs he’s not interested in a relationship if we’re caught up in the strong feelings of chemistry or attraction.

We might want him to have certain answers and we’re listening for that when it’s not really what he is saying, right?

The secret to a committed relationship.

I know, I’ve certainly been there and maybe you can relate to that too.

In general, men are pretty upfront about what they’re looking for unless they’re giving you some kind of vague answer in which case I would say that is a little bit of a red flag.

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