Do you think Anything May Happen In Your Life Just By Chance?

 March 27, 2019

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Though this episode took place almost fifty years back, I kept on guessing – how any such thing could have at all been so well orchestrated that should have eventually led him  to have put up his papers as if it had been planned out by some human beings to let him get punished for not having done the justice.

Don’t you think – the curse should have got accomplished by some devious souls only since it had not been planned out by any human beings though we never come to know how souls must be manoeuvring even such incredulous things?

According to me, the way we have a world of our own, even the souls may be having a world of their own – we are not much aware of.

This incident cautions us though – that we should be careful about what we speak making us aware that the souls that roam around us perhaps catch everything we speak and sometimes, as in this case, take even what we speak as the words of “The Holy Bible” and follow them in and out to guzzle down them to the end.

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