Do you know – Universe is sans any Aberrations?

 February 14, 2019

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Not only days and nights, but we also would not have had so many seasons, either.

Can you imagine – what sort of life we would have led if we would not have had “days and nights” or would not have had “summer and winter”, on the Earth?

If that asteroid would not have hit the Earth, it would not have been rotating around its axis nor we would have had any “days or nights” or so many seasons, as pleasantries.

Thank God – there were no NASA people anywhere around, to have thought of deflecting even the asteroid that should have sent the Earth into a spin by smacking it. 

But the point is – though we may be able to save our planet by deflecting the asteroids shall we be able to avert the chances of the obliquity of the axis of rotation of the Earth, getting escalated or de-escalated?

Most of the cities situated along the borderlines of the oceans may get dunked into the sea if the obliquity of Earth’s axis may increase or decrease even by two or three degrees, over a course of time.

I don’t think we should be able to tide over any such eventuality, howsoever best we may try.  



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