Do you know – Universe is sans any Aberrations?

I have observed that everything that happens in the courtyard of the Universe is, outright, “upright”.

The Universe does not let any absurd things ever happen in its yard.

If you are in doubt, I propose – just wait till I get you around.

The fact is – Universe has no room for any “aberrations”.

For instance, as you should be aware some of the planets do not spin around their axes in the same direction as the rest of them, spin.

Do you call it an “aberration”?


The very fact that even the retrograde planets (which spin in a clockwise direction instead of anticlockwise direction) are also able to revolve around the Sun affirms that it is not at all necessary that a planet should spin anticlockwise only if it has to chase around the Sun. It can revolve around the Sun even if it spins in the opposite direction.

The direction in which it spins has nothing to do with its capacity to revolve around the Sun.

Rather it goes on to prove that if planets spinning both ways may revolve around the Sun, the planets that may not be even spinning should be also able to revolve around the Sun with the same ease.

On the contrary, it lets us deduce that though their mass should have decided the speed at which they should be revolving around the Sun, it is quite possible that none of the planets may have started spinning around their axes from the very day when they should have got established into their orbits.

They may have started spinning clockwise or anticlockwise much later only when some asteroids should have hit them at the outer edge, streaking from above, tangentially, in the manner as displayed in the following diagram.

The way, some asteroid should have hit the Earth from above at a point 23.45 degrees below the ecliptic (as shown in the diagram), Earth should have started spinning around its axis “anticlockwise”.

The same way, since some asteroids may have hit the Venus, Uranus and Pluto tangentially at an angle exceeding 90°, all of them should have started spinning “clockwise” (instead of spinning in the anticlockwise direction).

So, now, you know that these planets are also not retrograde, without a reason.

Only the asteroids that should not have hit the Earth tangentially at its rim could have created craters where they would have struck the Earth destroying everything that should have existed there.

The trouble is – such asteroids hit the Earth at supersonic speed and don’t give us time to save ourselves from their attack.

It is not difficult to imagine how much havoc an asteroid may wreak if we compared it with the havoc the two jet planes that had dashed against the Twin Trade Towers of New York in the year 2001 to have grazed them down to the ground just in less than two hours.

There is a marked similarity in the way asteroids strike some site and the way these planes had crashed into the North Tower and the South Tower of the World Trade Centre.

Though we do not perceive imminence of any big sized asteroid to hit the Earth even over the next two or three hundred years, it is a matter of great relief that ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA [1] have joined hands to test whether we may deflect any asteroid that may spear into our planet, midway so that it did not smash on the Earth.

Though it would be better if we may equip ourselves to protect the Earth from their invasion through appropriate technology, the most challenging thing about them is the fact that they hit the Earth just in a wink.

As we know, in those days, we did not have the necessary wherewithal to know in advance whether any foreign celestial body was heading toward the Earth and if so, whether it was likely to hit the Earth or was likely to zoom past it just like a storm as we, probably, are now in possession.

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