How To Ask For Help? 5 Tips To Make Requests SMART

how to ask for help

Playing helping mini-games

Incentivize people to tap into the resources that exist in their network in order to solve complex business problems. For example, one company Wayne works with used a mini-game to reward their people for increasing the company’s social media activity. 

Goals were set, rewards were offered, but as many of them didn’t know how to share posts or tweets, the game prompted them to ask for help from each other. As a result, not only did their social posting grow, but their ability to ask each other for help also improved considerably.

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What assistance do you need right now, and who can you ask who might be able to help?

(You can hear the full interview on the Making Positive Psychology Work podcast here.)

Written by: Michelle McQuaid
Originally appeared on: Psychology Today
Republished with permission 
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How To Ask For Help? 5 Tips To Make Requests SMART
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