Do You Feel Lonely?

Do You Feel Lonely

Don’t worry…You are not alone who feels the same way.

EVERYONE feels lonely, empty, isolated at some point in life in their lives…Including me.

So you might feel you are the one and only person in the club but there are millions of people with you in the club.

Here I shall Discuss Tactics to Beat Loneliness.

1. Acceptance

Accept your feelings. Do not try to hide it for showing you have a perfect life. Everyone feels lonely but very few acknowledge it by accepting it.
“Acknowledging your feelings is the best way of healing within you.”

2. Self-work

I always emphasize to do self-work to feel contented and complete in life.
The more you discover yourself by working on yourself, the better you get at accompanying your soul as the best buddy ever.

3. Shaking your body

I meant do Exercise, Yoga, Zumba for the body.
For Mind, Body and Soul opt for meditation practices.
I have written an article on how to meditate and its enormous benefits.
The article on Meditation is there under my articles listing.

4. Break some Myths

If you think if you have 1000 people around and 500 friends to hang out with you, you will not feel lonely then you are mistaken.
If you think if you are rich you will not feel lonely…you are mistaken.
If you think if you are successful and have met all your expectations then you will not feel lonely…you are mistaken.
It’s time to break all these myths.

5. Journal Writing

If you can’t express your loneliness and isolated state of mind then pen down what you feel on paper. Write how sad and low you feel by being lonely. Once you write, think about the root cause of loneliness. Then cut off the writing and write down “I am working towards being Happy and Contented”.

6. Respect “Me” time

Your “lonely” time is your “Me” time. Cherish it. There are so many people out there struggling to take out time for themselves.
You are lucky enough. You already have it.

7. Enjoy Hobbies

Get engaged in enjoying your hobbies. You need not have fancy hobbies here. If you like lying down on the grass in the backyard, do that. If you like walking in the rain, go for that. If you like rolling in your comfy bed, roll like nobody is watching you (I do this a lot). If you like to observe cloud shapes, observe that.

Watching clouds passing by and sinking into their unique shapes…
Walking on the wet grass barefoot…
Waling on the beach, on tickling sand barefoot…
Taking waves on the foot at the beach…
Watching the sunset colors in the sky…
Watching stars by lying in the backyard in the night…
are the best mindfulness practices ever.

8. Think of owning a Pet

They are the best and the most honest buddies ever. Think of owning a cat or a dog. They understand your feelings better than human beings.

9. Get engaged for Social Cause

Get connected with social causes. You would get to see how privileged you are than some people. When you work for others for making their life better, automatically your life improves.

10. Solo Solo

Go on a solo trip. Solo Ride. Solo shopping. Solo morning walk. Solo moonwalk. Solo hiking. Solo movie watching (I like this as nobody is there to share my tub of popcorns) 🙂

11. No Virtual World

Be aware of this world.
Everything seems happy and perfect here but it is not.
Everything seems real here but it is not.
Do not get addicted to the Virtual world which is an illusion.
Try to enjoy the real world.
(Don’t you feel lonelier than you are when you see people posting pictures with a group of people? You feel left out, right?)
Take a wise call on this virtual world.

12. Get help from Google

There are a lot of motivational and inspirational videos and quotes waiting for you to watch them. Watch daily at least one “Good Vibes”
Video. It keeps you motivated and inspired all day long.

So Think about this gist and try implementing it.

I hope this article would help you to beat your “Loneliness”.

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