Do you express your pent-up emotions more often? To whom?

Do you express your pent-up emotions more often To whom

“The emotion was there but it wasn’t spelled out in neon” – Charles Bukowski

 No one can solve your dilemma of anything but you, you can. Have you ever wondered about proposing someone? Have you ever wondered about expressing your pent-up feelings to someone? Needless to say that many times we want to, but we don’t and the reason can be anything. There are a lot of things we mean to say but cannot. Sometimes the circumstances are not right or sometimes modus operandi is wrong. But in the end, don’t leave yourself asking “What if?” Rather than this ask “Why not?” So basically come what may don’t kill your pent-up emotions or desires by not telling them to someone, someone special to you. It is completely your call to decide who you want to open up to, who you want to talk to about all these feelings. Don’t think about what will happen next, don’t think about the outcomes, outcomes don’t matter but your emotions, your feelings do. The emotions are something so different, it empowers you to live with gratitude. But sometimes the emotions are not just enough. Sometimes you need something to attach it to and that something could be your opening to your pent-up emotions to someone. 

Do you express your pent-up emotions more often?

 Pent-up emotions are those kinds of strong feelings that you don’t express so that they gradually become more difficult to control afterwards. We all have some suppressed feelings deep inside our heart and sometimes we get anxious thinking about those feelings and moreover expressing those feelings to someone, sometimes we think that “Is it worthwhile telling them?” My answer to this is simple “Anyone can make you feel how wonderful this world is but only few will make you feel how wonderful you’re in this world. So open up to those few, care for those few. Because s/he is the only one who understands you and understanding is the foundation of everything and anything. And if there is no one in your life like them, don’t worry open up to yourself, express your pent-up emotions to yourself because who can understand you better than you itself. 

Ignoring is not the solution, get that

 Ignoring is not the solution to anything, it never was, it can never be and it never will. The more you ignore your pent-up emotions the more it will grow and not only grow, it will start to overcome you as well. You need to release this growing up demon inside you by expressing it, by having a huge tussle and conquering it, by becoming strong enough to acknowledge it by yourself and finding the best way to overcome from it, the best way to fix it, if it need be.

 Acknowledging Ignoring is important, be it your fault, your truth or your pent-up emotions.

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