Do You Ever?

Do You Ever?

Do you ever?

Do you ever share
the vulnerable you
with someone?
That you hide so
brilliantly under those
Instagram filters.

Do you ever let yourself go
and spill the words as they are
without worrying about
separating grain from the chaff.
Or are you content
being in arms of a container
that just wants the grain
without the chaff.

Do you ever share
what made you the you
You are today?
All the nights you held
yourself from breaking apart.
To wake up the next day
to face the world with the biggest
Or are you content kissing
people who see the smile
on your lips but not the pain
in your eyes.

If you ever find someone
who wants to unpeel
your layers
And holds you at your best
and your worst
Hold them close
Cherish them
Dive the ocean
If you have to for them.
For they are the pearls.


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