Do you ever miss yourself?

Do you ever miss yourself?

Do you ever miss yourself? The person you were before you had your first heartbreak or before you got betrayed by a person you trusted? I do.

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  1. This post hit the nail on the head. I was just telling someone the other day about how I changed after the break up. I miss my old self; still on the quest for it to return instead of being protected by a wall around my heart

  2. not that way no. I don’t let bad people trash my self worth. I never changed aside of being wiser and smarter. My view of the bad person simply stopped being white washed and that is not a bad thing. I was not particularly at fault so why would I hate myself for being the person who believed in someone? The best of the best even get fooled. When I miss who I was it is related to the losses suffered from injuries thanks to an ass hole that drove drunk. When I miss my self it is for Real reasons and not shit that I can change or control or learn from. To me people who live in their pain of wrong choices they can move on from are whiny bitches lol. Self destructive poor me pessimistic people that use past bad choices to justify new bad choices and then redirect that responsibility onto others. Talk to me when you experience real loss to cry over 😉

  3. I do…and I don’t – I have grown and come a long way, experienced things I needed to experience that have shaped me for who I am. A lot of them were painful but there was also good mixed in-between. I miss that person I used to be, but I know he’d be happy to see who I am now.

  4. Sometimes. But I taught myself that people who aren’t worthy enough for you aren’t meant to be with you. I chose the path to become wiser rather than regretful.

  5. You will get your “before” person back…we humans are resilient…just give it time and don’t obsess about it…think only happy, positive thoughts!!! Love you! <3

  6. I was more trustg back then the prob was I thought everyone think the way I did I was gullible and naive I wanted to believe that everyone had a good heart I left my heart open it got broken over and over again now I’m guarded.. Peop and expectations ruined it for me so yeah I do miss the person I use to be I trusted others from the get go now I have to get to know someone first before I trust them

  7. Sometimes, but for the most part, enjoy who I am now and still becoming. If not for those times before, I would not know now that I am enough; learning to love self is more important that seeking love and acceptance through someone else. I would not have learned that we are all flawed and the first person who broke my heart, first person who betrayed my trust were introductions to lessons which have become valuable in my becoming wise. It does not mean there were not other experiences, just means they did not hurt as much as the first times.

  8. No. I used to, but now I’m much happier since I learned to LOVE myself. That was a healing process that I couldn’t have had without my trials and tribulations.

  9. I don’t know who that was. My first betrayal, heartbreak, was age 2. I went on with life, but that and countless others shaped me from that very young age. I’m still battling the lessons those betrayals taught me about myself, about life. I refuse to believe that I’m an unlovable, useless, ugly, terrible human being and I refuse to believe that the world, other people, are as cruel as I was taught they were.

  10. I do not miss myself during those hard times, but I do miss myself before when I had happy times and care free. If ever there is a time machine, I would like to advise myself to watch out for those lying people

  11. No I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for my first heart break or betrayal!! This happens to us to learn from it to grow to be stronger wiser and to help prepare us for what life has in store for us in the future!!

  12. Nope…. everything I’ve been through has made me the woman I am today. Without those experiences, I may not be as strong, I may be a bit more naive and find myself in similar situations I’ve already conquered, growth may be painful… but is healthy. ♡

  13. Actually I don’t really miss my old self. That part of me is well hidden under lots of pain, suffering and bad experiences. These situations made me the person I am today, a person that can stand up on her own, ready to face any difficulties are ahead. Dear past, thank you; dear present, I embrace you; dear future, I’m waiting for you !!!

  14. Dear person reading this,
    I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work.

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