Do We Need A Goal?

Do We Need A Goal

Do we need a goal?

A goal gives direction to life, that’s what people say. It gives  meaning to life. It gives purpose to life. That’s what people say.Just like me many of us have goals. One fine morning I woke up wondering why am I striving so much to achieve my goal, the answer is simple because it is my goal. Hence, another questions arose why I made this goal, do I really need it, will my life be meaningless if I don’t have it, is it taking away my happiness etc.

It is when I had set a goal, i had chosen a path for myself consciously or unconsciously. The journey has taught me a lot, the lessons that i wouldn’t have otherwise learnt. The same journey has made me stronger and revealed things about myself and others that were not known. It is good to have a goal as longs as your happiness is not conditioned to it. It is good to have a goal as long as you are not obsessed with it.


My goal driven journey has given me a chance to meet new people, to see the world outside the 8 mile radius that i was living in, to live alone, to examine life, to grow, to know the friends and the enemies. My goal has set me on journey whose destination is unknown. It is my goal that has made me fearless. I have lost a lot of people and myself in this pursuit of goal but i must go forward. Despite the sleepless nights, restlesness, sadness, losses i must go forward because you never know god has in store for me. I must wait for things to fall in place.


It’s worth all the pain and sacrifice. It is the journey that is more important than destination. I don’t know whether it has given direction, meaning or purpose to my life but it has surely made my life different, exciting and worth living. But i don’t think not having a goal makes one’s life meaningless. A life always has meaning. I haven’t achived my goal and i don’t know whether i will or not but still i am moving ahead. We don’t need a goal to live but it’s good if you have it.


As the atharva veda says, “Do not be led by others, awake your mind, amass your own experience and decide for yourself your own path”. The path won’t be easy but it is said that at times the road to fulfilment is the path of more resistance. And when you embark on this journey, do not forget to be guided by the almighty as somebody has rightly said “God’s plan not mine, god’s will not mine, god’s timing not mine, god’s glory not mine”

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