Do Opposites Really Attract And Is That A Problem?

Do Opposites Really Attract

2. Find humor: humor is immensely powerful and can diffuse those moments when you butt heads over the cleanliness of the house, the weekend plans, and other areas of daily life that often come into conflict when partners have different preferences. You may not agree, but if you can laugh about the situation it may feel less challenging.

3. See the benefits of your partner’s way of doing or thinking about things, even if it’s different from yours. For a useful exercise, write down these benefits in a journal.

4. Accept your own traits—the positive and negative ones. Our reaction to others is often just projected discomfort over our own traits that we see reflected back to us. The more we accept and appreciate ourselves, the easier it is to hold that energy for our partners.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, most couples have a wide range of similarities and differences—but for long-term success, their temperaments should ideally be complementary, if not the exact same.

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This doesn’t mean being “polar opposites” in certain things is a death sentence for a relationship, like what happens when a super introvert marries a super extrovert. But it could be that you and your fundamentally different partner will need to put in a bit more effort to find some equanimity and acceptance in your relationship.

Written By April Eldemire  
Originally Appeared On Couples Thrive  
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