11 Ways Your Divorce Changes You For The Better

 April 03, 2019

11 Ways Your Divorce Changes You For The Better

Furthermore, as part of the healing and growth process, you may turn to meditation or yoga, deepening your mindfulness and consciousness. You may have been asleep before, but you’re wide awake now.


10) Ingenuity

Divorce has a way of surprising us will all kinds of situations requiring novel and often immediate solutions. Whether it be how to afford rent on a fraction of your previous budget or how to parent your children with your difficult ex, you are constantly placed in the role of problem solver.

And the more we do something, the more proficient we become. And the end of marriage will give you plenty of opportunities to develop your ingenuity.


11) Wisdom

Many use divorce as an opportunity for reflection and analysis. With the ego stripped away, you are raw and ready to learn. Listen. There’s wisdom in the lessons hidden at the end of a marriage.


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Written by Lisa Arends
Originally appeared on LessonsFromTheEndOfMarriage
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11 Ways Your Divorce Changes You For The Better

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