Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships

Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships

Take those above points and now compare them to the attraction you have felt with other people. Most earth based relationships on the planet are:

  • Hot, fast, exciting and it makes you feel good when they pay attention to you
  • How are you compatible with this person, mentally, physically, emotionally? Let us check our list and compare how much we have in common. Check, check, and check
  • The sex is unlike anything
  • This person fits the lifestyle you created for yourself
    It’s romantic and sweet. They do romantic things for you and it draws you in.(Another form of attachment)

Do you recognize the difference? Now don’t get me wrong, earth-based human relationships are needed to help us in our expansion, and there is real true love there. It’s simply the doorway to more expansion.

Some people right now aren’t ready for a Divine Union and there is nothing wrong with that. You will know in your gut when you are ready for a divine union vs. an earth-based relationship, neither is better or worse

Your higher self will continue to show you the resistance in your earth-based relationships of where you are not loving yourself. You will do the inner work and still, something will feel off to you. You will know when the resistance is so much that it’s time to let go of these types of relationships and to move into the seeking stage of a divine union. It will be a resistance that you can no longer ignore.

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I don’t like saying one is better than the other, it’s all about how much more can you or are you willing to expand and evolve yourself? If you aren’t ready, you simply aren’t ready.

For me, my ultimate is to be with my twin flame, but I am also quite happy allowing the Universe to bring me a soulmate who can match my vibration. We can not be attached to anyone or any label, or it will create resistance and stop the natural flow of expansion and evolution.

Letting go and surrendering to a higher power is a key lesson in transitioning into a Divine Union. It is the inner knowing that you must let go when something feels off inside of you so that the Universe can come in and work that shit out. YES! It is super painful. Pain and loss never end no matter how much you have expanded. Pain is needed in the physical reality so we can further learn how to love ourselves deeper than before and to solidify our relationship and faith in the Cosmos. It’s all about learning a deeper act of self-nurturing and self-mastery and how to roll with the flow of life instead of resisting it.

Trust me, after finding this amazing connection I realized it wasn’t time for us, and it might not be in this life. I had to let go to allow growth for both of us.

To have full surrender to the Universe is to continue to hold your vibration as a sacred act of mastery because all humans on the planet have the ability to get to this point of emotional mastery. It is where I reside now, in full allowance that I really have no control over how things manifest, all I know is that the Universe knows my heart and my desires and as long as I act out of pure self-love for myself by setting healthy boundaries to keep my vibe intact where I am still able to serve and give to others, then true divine love, no matter a soulmate or my twin, true love will land in my lap as well.

Written by Rena Wells
Originally appeared on RenaWells.com

Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships
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