Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships



Here’s a “short list” of the type of people I have dated over the years.

  • I dated a man who was morbidly obese, well over 300lbs. I fell in love with him over the phone when friends introduced us at a party. I dated him for 2 years. I truly fell in love with his soul 
  • My ex-husband and I had so much in common and our souls knew each other. I was even told by the Universe he would be the one I would marry and I did. I followed my heart even though I was dying to date a woman at that time 
  • Yes, I have been with women. I dated a short pudgy woman who reminded me of a Keebler elf, and I was never physically attracted to her, but damn her energy was off the hook! Hottest sex ever I might 
  • I dated a hot cop who could be on the cover of GQ. He took longer to get ready then I did, and I realized he was so much into his looks he had no time to look at his soul 
  • I dated model looking women too just to see what the hype was all about but never could I connect energetically with them 
  • I fell in love with a best friend because she always stood by my side and always accepted for me no matter what. I still sometimes wonder if we could ever make it work. 
  • I have had very attractive lesbians who were into me. One time in the middle of getting hot and heavy with a young very attractive woman, I had to stop and reject her in the middle of sex. As I was taking her clothes off the energy wasn’t feeling right for me. I know I hurt her but it had nothing to do with how she looked, she met the standards of beauty according to our world. My intuition told me something was off and I immediately had zero attraction towards her


These are only a few experiences; however, you can see the attraction was never attached to how someone looked, it was always about their soul. Although I experimented with really attractive humans if the connection wasn’t there, I couldn’t be with them because deep in my gut instincts something felt off.

What I gained out of these experiences and why none of them ever worked out was because I am able to see soul potential first before their face and body. This is what many highly evolved souls go through, we see soul potential. We honour the truth of a soul and then turn a blind eye if that person is unable to recognize that in themselves.

I discovered because of this amazing gift I have to love another’s soul, has hindered that individual in their own growth. Eventually, they would become dependent on me to give them that level of depth they were unable to give to themselves. It would feed a codependent pattern of over giving and unrequited love, an experience my higher self created because of my own conditioning of never getting the love I knew I deserved as a child. I created the situation to mirror back the lack I had in myself of over giving.

Rena Wells is an Intuitive Metaphysical Consult, and born a highly sensitive energy portal with various, precise intuitive abilities. She has over 28 years experience working with energy, and has a very strong connection to Universal Consciousness. As a natural intuitive, healer, and having the personal experience working with such a wide range of energy, Rena can help you understand why things are happening in your life from a metaphysical, intuitive perspective. Rena is here to show you how you can own your power! Please call for your private consultation to see if she can help you with your energetic health. Rena is available for private consultations, group events, and public speaking.