Divine Unions Earth Based Relationships

Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships

These are only a few experiences; however, you can see the attraction was never attached to how someone looked, it was always about their soul. Although I experimented with really attractive humans if the connection wasn’t there, I couldn’t be with them because deep in my gut instincts something felt off.

What I gained out of these experiences and why none of them ever worked out was because I am able to see soul potential first before their face and body. This is what many highly evolved souls go through, we see soul potential. We honour the truth of a soul and then turn a blind eye if that person is unable to recognize that in themselves.

I discovered because of this amazing gift I have to love another’s soul, has hindered that individual in their own growth. Eventually, they would become dependent on me to give them that level of depth they were unable to give to themselves. It would feed a codependent pattern of over giving and unrequited love, an experience my higher self created because of my own conditioning of never getting the love I knew I deserved as a child. I created the situation to mirror back the lack I had in myself of over giving.

Meeting my twin flame this past year, I realized I continued to fall into that same pattern and although I hated saying goodbye, I walked away in a deep self-love for myself and refuse to place myself in a position again falling for someone’s soul potential. For me, on my path now, if someone can not act from their deep self-love for themselves, and to be in alignment with the Cosmos, who is willing to do the work, then I would rather be on my own.

This is where Divine Union comes in and what true Cosmic love is:

  • It’s curious and slow, never hot, lustful, fast nor clingy. It won’t feel like a pull, it will feel like curiosity and a deep gut knowing that this person is interesting
  • There is zero romance. Instead, you are romanced by the Universe because you feel more connected to the Universe inside of yourself than ever before. This is because you are open to receiving
  • It’s kind, open, and honest. It’s soft and whispers to your soul. If you are not aware of yourself it might just pass you
  • It’s HIGHLY respectful mutual energy between the two of you. You can’t speak shit to this person because it hurts you more than it hurts them
  • It’s knowing that there is something special here but you just can’t place it. You won’t be physically attracted to them, nor will they be your “type”.You won’t care what they have materially, who they are in society because nothing in the material world will matter. You will fall in love with how great they are at owning their power to MANIFEST their dreams in the physical world
  • There is a deep humbleness being in this person’s presence. There is a natural calm and a peace to this connection. If you can find this peace then it is the
  • Universe expressing it’s infinite love through this person into your heart because you have opened yourself up to that inside of yourself
  • It doesn’t matter what attention they give you because you will feel that deep peace you share together, and so their attention can go elsewhere. It is that inner confidence you both share in this connection that will guide you both towards the oneness in where we are all the same. It is in this space where we all meet, where we are one and where duality ends. This is where the term”Namaste” comes in, where we honour the soul in that same place of where we came from in the Universe. It is because of this inner knowing of sameness where you will feel free with this person and there won’t be a need to compromise.

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Take those above points and now compare them to the attraction you have felt with other people. Most earth based relationships on the planet are:

  • Hot, fast, exciting and it makes you feel good when they pay attention to you
  • How are you compatible with this person, mentally, physically, emotionally? Let us check our list and compare how much we have in common. Check, check, and check
  • The sex is unlike anything
  • This person fits the lifestyle you created for yourself
    It’s romantic and sweet. They do romantic things for you and it draws you in.(Another form of attachment)

Do you recognize the difference? Now don’t get me wrong, earth-based human relationships are needed to help us in our expansion, and there is real true love there. It’s simply the doorway to more expansion.

Some people right now aren’t ready for a Divine Union and there is nothing wrong with that. You will know in your gut when you are ready for a divine union vs. an earth-based relationship, neither is better or worse

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