Take Our Quiz To Discover Your Spirit Name!

What is your name? Do you feel good hearing your name? Does it lift your spirit and fill you with energy? If no, then it is time to adopt a “spirit name”.

Your name may not fit your true nature and fails to evoke a sense of who you are at your core. Your name has a certain influence on you and your life. A name is more than just characters that represent it. It is more than just a source of identity for a person.

Your name forms the basis of our personality and influences their skills, aptitude, and abilities. In some traditions, it is believed that a name can evoke specific qualities. For instance, ‘Eagle Eye’ can bring you a powerful vision and courage to look ahead in life.

Your name has magical meaning as per many esoteric practices. According to Denise Linn, an earth-based healer your name is your unique energy vibration. It is the belief of some native tribes that a person’s name carries his or her essence. It is a medium by which spirit animals or mystical guardians can recognize you.

Shaman Barbara Meiklejohn-Free says that when a baby is given a name, it is done to welcome a soul into the physical world. when you say it out loud for the first time it activates your personal power. It is important that your name chimes with your soul because it ensures that sense of well-being and wholeness.

So, if you think your name doesn’t represent your inner self, then you can take up a new spirit name and feel that unique energy vibration. As we know words have power and vibrations, adopting a new name can help you break the patterns of your life. It may empower you and help you change the path of your destiny.

Do you think your birth name doesn’t align with your soul’s purpose?

Now take our quiz to find out what name suits your soul…

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Take Our Quiz To Discover Your Spirit Name!

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